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Intervention Week Resources

The Pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC has poured millions of dollars into buying seats and brainwashing elected officials in New York to stand for Israel a foreign government instead of the needs of the people they represent. Richie Torres, Hakeem Jefferies, and Gregory Meeks received well over 600,000 combined in 2023 alone from AIPAC to work against the best interest of their own constituents. To ensure the are working for Israel’s needs, each elected official is assigned an AIPAC babysitter that tells them what they are allowed to say, who they are allowed to support, and how they should respond when challenged on the ongoing genocide in Palestine. AIPAC supports the continued collaboration between the IDF and NYPD which low income and Black communities have been fighting to defund. By  choosing to support AIPAC Richie Torres, Hakeem Jeffries, and Gregory Meeks are working directly against the demands of their predominantly Black and low income constituency and openly for a foreign government; a federal crime. 

Call to Action

To highlight this we are planning a week of action when these members are home in their communities.  On July 16th, 17th, and 18th we will be holding an intervention at the offices of Richie Torres, Hakeem Jefferies, and Gregory Meeks. When a friend has been captured we turn to interventions to save them, let us join together and support our members in this way.  

Join us for the Intervention Week July 16-18 in NYC and DC and help bring these once ‘progressive leaders’ back into the light. 

We also encourage you to reach out directly by emailing to demand they stop accepting AIPAC money and call for a cease fire! Come in your pink medical jacket and your heart of care, to bring these lost members back to serving the community they were elected to serve and out of the clutches of a foreign government and the lies that have ensnared their hearts and minds.

  • Gregory Meeks
    •  153-01 Jamaica Avenue, 2nd floor Jamaica, NY  11432, Phone: (718) 725-6000, Fax: (718) 725-9868 & 67-12 Rockaway Beach Boulevard Arverne, NY  11692, Phone: (347) 230-4032, Fax: (347) 230-4045

Disrupt Your Members of Congress!

Grab our latest toolkit to plan protesting a member of Congress! It offers a non-exhaustive list of suggested means of activism geared specifically toward targeting members of Congress. 

The Impact of Zionist money on Democracy 

More about the Congressmembers: Richie Torres was once considered a Progressive in New York City politics, but as his AIPAC funding increased, so did his Pro Israel rhetoric and votes. As he continued to vocally support Israel and consistently criticize pro Palestine activists, his progressive supporters who stood by his side during his early years began to pull away and were replaced by Zionists. While Torres represents the poorest congressional district in New York, he is funded by a group that pushes him into the arms of the far right and aligns himself with those advocating for the end of desperately needed social programs for communities in the Bronx.

Hakeem Jefferies is the third largest recipient of AIPAC funding. Jefferies himself has led bipartisan trips to Israel on behalf of AIPAC to promote Zionist brainwashing and support AIPAC influence in U.S. politics. 

Gregory Meeks, who receives $281,000 from Pro Israel industries, $32,000 from AIPAC, this year is also chair of the weapons-approving committee, which means he holds crucial veto power in stopping arms sales to Israel. While Meeks represents a predominantly Black district in Queens whose struggle is heavily aligned with that of the Palestinians, he continues to separate himself from his constituents by being an ardent AIPAC spokesperson. By Meeks approving The sale of arms to Israel to be used against Palestinian civilians, he is justifying the same tactics used against Black communities in his own district. Meek must be reminded that power and position in the foreign affairs committee cannot be used to continue the genocide of Palestinians and will not go unchallenged 

In the recent election, AIPAC spent the most it ever has, 14.5 million, to unseat Pro Palestinian representative Jamaal Bowman, who Jefferies endorsed. Unsurprisingly Jefferies had nothing to say about the AIPAC funded defeat of his fellow colleague because the pro Israel lobby group will not allow him to denounce this blatant obstruction of democracy.