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Join us in exposing the lies influencing U.S. politics!

As part of CODEPINK's campaign for peace and justice in Palestine, this website has been created to expose the Israel lobby machine corrupting and influencing U.S. politics. In the coming days we’ll continue to add more information and resources here to help you educate and activate your local communities.

Despite an overwhelming call by the American people for the U.S. to stop backing Israel's genocide campaign in Gaza, U.S. politicians are prioritizing the demands of a foreign entity — Israel — over the interests of the U.S. population. From pro-Zionist lobbies whose sole agenda is to ensure the decades-long occupation of Palestine and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians goes unchecked to the powerful and deeply enriched influence of weapons manufacturers and to the lesser-known influence of think tanks and "charities - the amount of power that Israel has over those who are elected to serve Americans is a gross affront to democracy.

Our goal is to educate and activate supporters in challenging elected officials and the sponsors of the Israeli government's genocide so that they cannot escape public outrage for their complicity in settler colonialism, apartheid, and horrific crimes against humanity. We must remind our elected officials that they are accountable to the people, not to special interest groups. 

You can join the movement to end foreign influence on our government today through our educational resources and easy ways to take action!

Join us in learning, educating and speaking out!

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Statistics cited on this website were sourced from:

  • Politicians, Weapons Companies, and Pro-Israel lobby statistics courtesy of OpenSecrets.Org.  
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