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While Muslim and Palestinian charities in the U.S. face prosecution and terrorist labeling even for non-violent initiatives like donations to hospitals, organizations promoting violence against Muslims and Palestinians enjoy tax exemptions. This glaring double standard highlights the contradictions within the “nonprofit industrial complex,” which, like the military-industrial and prison-industrial complexes, perpetuates deeply rooted structures of domination.

The difference is that this nonprofit version operates under the guise of benevolence and love. U.S. charities donating to humanitarian projects in Gaza have been held liable for deaths attributed to Hamas, based on the theory that “money is fungible” and that “giving money to Hamas is like giving a loaded gun to a child.” Yet, American courts frequently dismiss lawsuits against nonprofits supporting illegal settlements.

These absurdities reveal a troubling reality: charities that genuinely aim to help those in need are penalized, while those promoting violence and occupation are rewarded with tax breaks. This unjust system not only undermines the integrity of charitable work but also perpetuates cycles of violence and oppression. We can work towards a more equitable and just society by exposing these contradictions.

The role of Christian Zionism 

In the following video, we sit down with Rev. Dr. Jennifer Hosler, pastor at Washington City Church of the Brethren in DC, to discuss Christian Zionism, what it is, and how it influences U.S. politics.

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Organizations Disguised as Charities