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Think Tanks

Using Academia to Normalize Violence and Occupation

Beyond University financial ties to Israeli companies, pro-Israel think tanks contribute to the perpetuation of the conflict through partisan pursuits disguised as academia.

The field of "terrorism studies" has gained a semblance of academic credibility, especially after the 9/11 attacks. Ninety percent of its research emerged post-9/11, although it often provides inaccurate, subjective analysis heavily influenced by its funders.

These scholars frequently advise Western governments on counterinsurgency strategies or have connections to right-wing think tanks, government agencies, intelligence and policing organizations, the military, or the private security sector.

The situation in Gaza highlights the urgent need to reevaluate and dismantle the infrastructure supporting "terror knowledge." Re-examining the role of these biased think tanks involves defunding scholars who perpetuate false narratives, eliminating degrees and courses in terrorism and counterterrorism studies, and disbanding academic journals and conferences dedicated to this field.

By addressing these issues, we can begin to disrupt the cycle that fuels ongoing conflicts and works against the interests of the Palestinian people and democracy at large. It is time to hold academic institutions accountable and ensure that their research and affiliations do not contribute to the perpetuation of violence, occupation, and genocide.


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