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Weapons Companies

The weapons industry is one of the most powerful forces in politics today, boasting more lobbyists in D.C. than members of Congress. By channeling vast resources into influencing our legislators, the arms industry keeps the United States in a perpetual state of war, ensuring a steady demand for its lethal products.

President Eisenhower's prescient warning in 1961 about the military-industrial complex, a warning that still echoes today, was a stark reminder of the dangers of a massive, permanent industry born out of World War II and the Korean War. His concerns were not unfounded, and we must heed them.

The Pentagon budget, a financial behemoth, swells each year, now nearing a staggering $1 trillion. Shockingly, over half of this budget is funneled into private companies, surpassing the annual funding for the Department of Education. This financial distortion is a direct result of the arms industry's multi-million dollar lobbying efforts to maintain the status quo.

Compounding the issue is the revolving door between the top levels of the U.S. government and the highest echelons of these corporations. For instance, Lloyd Austin, the current head of the Pentagon, required special congressional approval for his position due to his previous role on the board of Raytheon/RTX. This revolving door perpetuates the cycle, ensuring military priorities align with corporate profits.

Understanding and addressing this powerful influence is crucial for those who advocate for peace and prioritize public well-being over profit.


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